The Pearls

Intakt CD 331 

At any given time in the past few decades, saxophonist Ellery Eskelin, bassist Christian Weber and drummer Michael Griener have been members of genre-defining trios across Europe and the US, proving just how vital jazz is today in its historical form as well as in free playing styles. In the trio Ellery Eskelin, Christian Weber and Michael Griener play free music and traditional jazz. They do not melt down the playing styles, but alternate, contrast and deepen them. 
With the new CD The Pearls they present the second studio record after their critically acclaimed CD “Sensations of Tone”. 
Ellery Eskelin writes in the liner notes: “In jazz we talk about playing time and playing free. Playing time usually means expressing a steady pulse and playing free usually means not adhering to a steady pulse. Either way there is still the sensation of movement, time. In making this recording I was struck by the ways in which time can simultaneously be so exacting, so malleable and so multi-dimensional. In these performances you’ll hear free improvisations (with no preconceived forms or steady time pulse) as well as renditions of classic compositions from an earlier musical form directly addressing time, Ragtime.”


released November 15, 2019 

Ellery Eskelin: Saxophone 
Christian Weber: Bass 
Michael Griener: Drums 

All music by Ellery Eskelin (SUISA), Christian Weber (SUISA), Michael Griener (GEMA), except where otherwise indicated. Recorde March 2nd, 2018, at Centre du culture ABC, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, by Alex Huber. Mixed and mastered at Studio Klangdach, Guntershausen, by Willy Strehler and Christian Weber. Cover photo: Ellery Eskelin. Graphic design: Jonas Schoder. Photo: Michelle Ettlin. Liner notes: Ellery Eskelin.